About the Course

Operation of Li-ion Batteries is a fundamental training program for battery enthusiasts worldwide. Taught by Dr. Frank Richter, one of the top experts in the battery industry, this program provides in-depth technical knowledge on Li-ion batteries and real-world applications. This course is perfect for anyone seeking an understanding of the core technical challenges of Li-ion battery technology. Our participants come from across the world with a wide range of backgrounds i.e., from development engineers to battery system purchasers.

Featured Topics

●    The Li-ion battery and how it works

●    Li-ion battery vocabulary - terms and concepts

●    The voltage at equilibrium conditions, the voltage during operation

●    Heat production during operation

●    Aging of Li-ion batteries

●    Introduction to battery management systems: From cell to pack control

●    Measurement basics: Voltage, temperature, and current

●    Further control: Connecting, insulation, thermal

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