Greenectra leverages its profound expertise in batteries to provide your company with cutting-edge solutions. Headed by Dr. Frank Richter, a renowned authority in battery technology, our team is proficient in optimizing your battery innovation capabilities to their fullest potential.

Patrick (Team Manager e-Mobility, Expleo Germany GmbH):

"Frank as a battery cell expert is a great support for training on cell topics, which we needed for our battery development projects. I appreciate his flexible, modern teaching approach and the interactive working atmosphere."

Dr. N. Chayawatto (JGSEE & PDTI, KMUTT Bangkok):
"It was an excellent time to learn from a Li-Ion battery expert. Frank's coaching style was fantastic. My impression during and after class was of eagerness to answer questions and provide all necessary information."

Eivind (Product Engineer, Freyr AS)

"Frank is very knowledgeable. He was answering all upcoming questions very detailed, using good examples."

S. Rattanasaengsakulthai (Battery Energy Storage System Team, PMO, EGAT)

"I learned a lot during the compact session. All fundamental things related to Lion battery cells, testing, and safety were covered. Additionally, explanations from Dr. Richter to all participants during Q&A sessions were something that I highly appreciated a lot. Thanks again for the kind support throughout the course."

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1.    What courses does Greenectra offer?

Greenectra offers a range of online materials focused on Li-ion battery technology, including modules on battery fundamentals and operation, battery testing, battery safety, and more. We also offer specialized courses tailored to specific industries such as automotive, maritime, and renewable energy.

2.    Who are the instructors for Greenectra's courses?

Our courses are developed and taught by industry experts with extensive experience in battery technology and related fields. Our instructors have a deep understanding of the subject matter and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with our learners.

3.    Are the courses self-paced or instructor-led?

Our courses are offered in two formats: self-learning and hybrid. Self-learning allows learners to study at their convenience and progress through the material at their preferred speed. Second, we offer hybrid courses with instructor-led components, including live webinars, Q&A sessions, and group discussions to enhance the learning experience.

4.    Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Greenectra's courses?

The prerequisites for our courses vary depending on the specific course. We typically suggest being at least at the end of the bachelor studies of a technical field before starting the course “Introduction to Li-ion Technology”. However, we get great feedback from participants without professional studies as well. These have typically a lot of working experience in a technical field. The course “Introduction to Li-ion Technology” is a great foundation for the courses on testing and safety.

5.    Will I receive a certificate upon completion of a module/program?

Yes, upon successfully completing a module, learners will receive a certificate of completion from Greenectra. The certificate validates their achievement and can be shared on professional platforms such as LinkedIn to showcase their expertise in battery technology. Upon successfully completing the 3 modules on the operation, testing, and safety of Li-ion batteries (Accredited BattXcel Program or individually bought modules), learners will receive a CPD certificate. To complete a module, all teaching videos must be watched and all quizzes must each be completed with at least 75% of total available points.

6.    Can Greenectra customize courses for corporate or organizational training needs?

Absolutely! Greenectra offers tailored solutions for corporate or organizational training needs. We can customize course content, duration, and delivery formats to align with specific requirements. Please contact our corporate training team for further information and to discuss your organization's training needs.

7.    Can I access the course materials after I complete the course?

Yes, upon course completion, you will retain access to the course materials for a specified duration. This allows you to revisit the content, review concepts, and refresh your knowledge whenever needed. However, please note that access duration may vary depending on the course and enrollment package.

8.    What is the format of the course assessments or exams?

The format of assessments or exams varies depending on the course. Some courses may include quizzes, assignments, or practical projects to evaluate your understanding and application of the course material. The specific assessment details are provided within each course, and our instructors provide clear guidelines on how to complete them.

9.    Can I upgrade from an individual module to the BattXcel program?

Yes, generally, it is possible to upgrade from an individual module to the BattXcel program, although we cannot guarantee the possibility under all circumstances. If you decide to enroll in the BattXcel program already enrolling in an individual course, reach out to our support team, and they will guide you through the upgrade process. Please note that additional fees may apply for the course bundle upgrade.

10.    Are the courses suitable for beginners with no prior knowledge of battery technology?

Yes, we offer courses suitable for beginners with no prior knowledge of battery technology. Our foundational course "Operation of Li-ion Batteries" provides a solid introduction to the subject, covering essential concepts and terminology. These courses are designed to be accessible and understandable for learners starting their journey in battery technology. However, we recommend being in the last year of bachelor studies in a technical field or having a lot of experience in a related technical field.

11.    Do you offer group discounts for organizations or educational institutions?

Yes, we offer group discounts for organizations or educational institutions looking to enroll multiple learners. Our group discount options are flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Please contact our sales team to discuss group pricing and enrollment options.

12. When do live sessions take place and how can I book them?

Live sessions are not always available for immediate booking. Since our sessions involve external experts, dates need to be arranged based on their availability. However, when there are bookable options, they will appear as a bookable addon on the checkout page. Additionally, we inform all newsletter recipients (sign up here) whenever these sessions become available for booking, ensuring you're among the first to know.