About the Course

Safety of Li-ion Batteries provides a practical understanding of the emergence of safety-critical events, as well as basics on how to assess and predict these events. Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of Li-ion battery safety, industrial uses for Li-ion battery safety, and root cause analyses as it relates to Li-ion batteries. This course is perfect for anyone seeking an understanding of the safety-related questions around Li-ion battery systems, along the value chain and from development to end of life.

Meet our Special Guest and Interview Partner throughout this Course:

Dr. Paul Christensen

Founding Director at Lithiumionsafety Ltd

Dr. Paul Christensen is one of the world’s leading experts on lithium-ion battery safety and the Founding Director of Lithiumionsafety Ltd. Dr. Christensen has joined us as the Battery Safety Expert in our Safety of Li-ion Batteries training program. He has contributed his expertise, experience, and knowledge towards e.g., Safety during Transport and Storage, Risk management within EV and maritime sector, and Safety incidents/lessons learned.


Dr. Christensen is currently the Senior Advisor to the UK National Fire Chiefs Council and he serves on a number of UK Government working and governance groups, and British Standards Institute working groups.

He has also been asked to chair the Cargo Incident Notification System and Network Scientific & Academic Expert Committee.


His research focuses on thermal runaway and thermal propagation in large lithium battery systems, up to and including full electric vehicles. He also does research on detection and fire suppression systems for use in battery energy storage systems, manufacturing, and warehousing facilities

Featured Topics

●         Materials affecting the safety of Li-ion batteries

●         Heat development and aging from a safety perspective

●         Nature of Battery Risks (thermal, electrical, chemical, kinetic)

●         Thermal runaway mechanisms

●         How to judge risk

●         Triggers of safety-critical events

●         Risks and safety along the value chain

●         Risk management for EV and maritime battery systems

●         Special risks during transport, storage, and at EOL

●         Examples of automotive and maritime safety incidents and lessons learned

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