About the Course

Testing of Li-ion Batteries is a fundamental training program for battery leaders worldwide. Taught by Dr. Frank Richter, one of the top experts in the battery industry, this program provides in-depth technical knowledge on testing Li-ion batteries and provides real-world examples showcasing how to test Li-ion batteries. This course is perfect for anyone seeking an understanding of the variety of challenges of Li-ion battery testing. The course aims at personnel who need to critically examine battery test reports from external partners, as well as for testing engineers, who carry out battery testing themselves.

Featured Topics

●       Typical measurement setup and common misconfigurations to avoid

●       Electrical testing including capacity, OCV, DCIR, and self-discharge

●       Safety testing (mechanical, thermal, electrical)

●       Aging testing (test matrices, typical tests at end of warranty and end of life)

●       Exclusive interview with an expert on the challenges of testing at the module and at the pack level

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