The BattXcel Program is a CPD-accredited program consisting of 3 comprehensive modules. Digital workbooks (PDF) are included for free.

Elevate Your Battery Skills with the BattXcel Program!

Are you eager to become a true battery expert and unlock endless opportunities? We've got you covered with our BattXcel program, a collection of our top-rated modules designed to supercharge your knowledge. With the BattXcel program, you'll get three powerhouse modules all in one:

  1. Operation of Li-ion Batteries
  2. Safety of Li-ion Batteries
  3. Testing of Li-ion Batteries

Here's why the BattXcel program is a game-changer:

  1. Comprehensive Knowledge: Dive deep into the basics of Li-ion technology, learn crucial safety practices, and master advanced testing techniques.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our instructors are industry pros who are passionate about sharing their wisdom and helping you succeed.
  3. Cost Savings: By bundling these courses, you enjoy significant cost savings compared to purchasing them individually.
  4. Versatile Skills: From understanding how Li-ion batteries work to ensuring safety and optimizing performance, the BattXcel program equips you with a well-rounded skill set.
  5. Industry Recognition: Earn certificates from Greenectra for each module and a CPD certificate after completing the whole program.

BattXcel is designed to be accessible to people around the world, with a focus on teaching in English. To accommodate people with different backgrounds, all videos come with subtitles in both English and German, making it easier for participants from all over the world to understand and access the content.


Operation of Li-ion Batteries is a fundamental training program for battery enthusiasts worldwide. Taught by Dr. Frank Richter, one of the top experts in the battery industry, this program provides in-depth technical knowledge of Li-ion batteries and real-world applications.

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Testing of Li-ion Batteries provides students with practical lessons to teach real-world applications of Li-ion battery testing. Students will gain a practical understanding of battery test procedures, technical challenges, common error sources and mistakes when carrying out tests, and critical reading of battery test reports.

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Safety of Li-ion Batteries provides a practical understanding of the emergence of safety-critical events, as well as basics on how to assess and predict these events. Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of Li-ion battery safety, industrial uses for Li-ion battery safety, and root cause analyses as it relates to Li-ion batteries.

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Patrick (Team Manager e-Mobility, Expleo Germany GmbH):

"Frank as a battery cell expert is a great support for training on cell topics, which we needed for our battery development projects. I appreciate his flexible, modern teaching approach and the interactive working atmosphere."

Dr. N. Chayawatto (JGSEE & PDTI, KMUTT Bangkok):
"It was an excellent time to learn from a Li-Ion battery expert. Frank's coaching style was fantastic. My impression during and after class was of eagerness to answer questions and provide all necessary information."

Eivind (Product Engineer, Freyr AS)

"Frank is very knowledgeable. He was answering all upcoming questions very detailed, using good examples."

S. Rattanasaengsakulthai (Battery Energy Storage System Team, PMO, EGAT)

"I learned a lot during the compact session. All fundamental things related to Lion battery cells, testing, and safety were covered. Additionally, explanations from Dr. Richter to all participants during Q&A sessions were something that I highly appreciated a lot. Thanks again for the kind support throughout the course."

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